Dry Cleaning

Nowadays, everyone is on the go. Between attempting to have a social life and juggling school or work, it can be impossible to find time in the day to do any chores. When even remembering to eat breakfast is difficult, it is even more impossible to find time for your laundry, let alone dry cleaning. Luckily, with Neighborhood Cleaners’s quick turnaround, laundry services don’t have to be a hassle.

Dry cleaning is a great alternative to just throwing your nice clothes in the washer or dryer. Using water can damage many different types of materials. Any garment that has two different types of fabric should be dry cleaned to prolong the garment’s usable life. It is also a good idea to dry clean any garments that have beads, sequins, or metallic fabrics. This will ensure that the colors will never fade and the detail of the garment can be preserved.

At Neighborhood Cleaners, we don’t just fluff and fold your clothes, we also have an in-house tailoring and hemming services. 
Those who live in the Lancaster area already know that Neighborhood Cleaners is the place to go if you need something dry cleaned or a few alterations.